Recently we have found that there is a lot of old information indexed online about Unimould products. And you may have arrived at this page by searching for Unimould Multi-purpose flat sheet panels. Existing users will be familiar with the brand. It is important to note that Unimould ceased operations and manufacturing in Australia in May 2003. The Unimould line was dismantled and has since been sold.

Whilst many of the original components of the manufacturing line remain, there has been substantial new investment in equipment and quality control processes. Since 2005, Builda Panels has been closely involved in further development with the new and improved HDPE Panel, now branded Plaspanel®.

Improved Plaspanel multi-purpose recycled panels have been developed to supersede the Unimould product. Therefore the information below is now out of date:


Unimould Panels 

Unimould Multi-purpose flat sheet panels are manufactured from plastic scrap, recycled from domestic and industrial waste streams. The advantages are many as Unimould panels actually shed water, do not swell, rot or delaminate, are rustproof, hard-wearing, lightweight yet strong. And by reducing the annual tonnage of plastic waste being dumped, the Unimould factory has a very positive impact on our environment. Unimould panels are suitable for a large number of applications, from roadside noise barriers to commercial office furniture. The panels can be drilled, nailed or sawn with standard wood working tools. Multi-purpose panels are available in green and black with standard or textured (anti-skid) finishes.

Uniform Panels

Unimould Uniform panels are made of polypropylene and parchment, so the panels do not absorb moisture and are not affected by chemicals from cement or lime. No edge sealing is required after cutting and the panels are resistant to mould and bacteria. Panels also have high abrasion resistance and can be reused. The Unimould Uniform panels have a smooth surface. Uniform panels are available in white, grey and beige, with standard or textured (anti-skid) finishes.

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