Multipurpose plastic panels for just about any application

Lining for Llama enclosure
Internal lining in wet area, Cairns
Outdoor furniture Federation Square, Melbourne
Marina pontoon and walkway
Lining for Mega Ark, Combined Horse Transport
The possible applications for Plaspanel® are endless. The durability of the product makes it perfect for outdoor and high traffic areas and uses. The only limitation is your imagination.

  • Nursery Propagation benches
  • Planter boxes
  • Grass root barriers
  • Garden bed edges
  • Irrigation troughs and channel liners
  • Produce bins
  • Animal breeding pens

Building and Construction
  • Joinery and fit outs in wet areas
  • Formwork
  • Access floors
  • Theatre and concert staging
  • Industrial water proofing
  • Eaves and soffit linings
  • Shower and cubicle partitions

  • Tables and Trestles
  • Counter tops
  • Laboratory bench tops
  • Playground equipment

  • Moulding boxes for concrete products
  • Signage
  • Machinery enclosures
  • Conveyor wear strips
  • Noise Barriers
  • Fume cupboards
  • Pontoons, marinas and jetties
  • Boat decks
  • Bulkhead and trims
  • Seat backs and bases

Materials Handling
  • Storage bins
  • Van and truck linings
  • Food pallets and bins
  • Protective packaging